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Group W Inc. spun out of a career in criminal forensics.  In crime scene investigation, alternate light was used to increase contrast in areas of interest in photographs. These photographs could then be presented to a judge or jury to help them make an informed decision. Over time, techniques were developed, and justice was served.


We were the first company to bring high powered, affordable lights to assist forensic investigators.


In subsequent years, we used these same techniques to locate minuscule leaks in refrigeration systems using monochromatic light & barrier filters. 


Presently, we spend our time solving the lighting issues of the industrial automation industry.  We design and manufacture vision system lighting and techniques for Ontario manufacturing. 


Our lights lead the industry in output and uniformity, with an added degree of toughness that you won't see in the rest of the industry. 


We routinely supply lights to our customers for testing purposes, to ensure that what they buy can solve their problems.


Did I mention that we design and manufacture our lights in Ontario?

Did I also mention that we love a challenge?

If you have a difficult application, we will do our best to help!


We warranty our products for three months from the date of sale - but if a light fails in the first year of operation, we want to hear about it.  Depending on the method of torture that the light has been subjected to, we often will work with our customer to remedy the situation.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Proudly Made in Canada

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